Ashley Hoffman
Editor, Journalist
  • A Day With the Iranian Man Selling Smoke in a Bottle

    View the original article published on Cooking doesn’t get more elemental than fire, and Behroush Sharifi has bottled it. Behroush is one of the most obsessive and devoted specialty-ingredient dealers in New York City. Bizarre in his devotion to untapped sources of ingredients, he is a man who inspires chefs with his impressive knowledge of the […]

  • The Artist Using Bird Feathers to Change the Way You Think About Race in America

    View the original article published on When we called artist Hugh Hayden, he was hosting his weekly feast at a temporary three-bedroom farmhouse in Scotland, where the Brooklyn-based sculpture and performance artist is in residency this summer. We were interrupted four times so he could open the door for artists overwhelmed by the smell […]

  • Rebel With a Cause: Isabelle Fuhrman on Playing a Back-Talking Symbol of the 1960s

    View the original article published on As Tessa, Virginia Johnson’s razor sharp 15-year-old daughter on Showtime’s Masters of Sex, Isabelle Fuhrman scorches. The truth-bomb dropper disrupts one of the most sophisticated stories on television. Drinking, smoking, and spitting fire, she nails the back talk that strikes both Bill Masters (Michael Sheen) and Johnson (Lizzy […]

  • Evan Rachel Wood on Into the Forest and Revolutionary Roles for Women

    Evan Rachel Wood is taking on one of her most powerful roles to date. She’s playing Eva in Into the Forest (out July 29), an intimate apocalyptic drama based on Jean Hegland’s feminist novel of the same name. Stuck in a house with no power, two teen sisters Eva and Nell (Ellen Page) cling to […]

  • You Probably Won’t See Rogue One’s Biggest Change to Star Wars

    See article published on The day people hear Michael Giacchino’s Rogue One score, the Star Wars universe will expand. John Williams has scored every installment since 1977—until now. When the self-described “nerd composer” accepted the gig to replace Alexandre Desplat, who left due to reshoot-related scheduling issues, Giacchino found himself with four and a […]

  • TV’s Young Pope Is Scandalous, But the Real Youngest Pope Has the ‘Worst Reputation’

    Link to published article in TIME Hollywood’s latest take on the Vatican, The Young Pope, imagines a power-drunk man in one of the world’s most intriguing seats. Jude Law, 44, plays a totally fictional, totally devious cardinal who gets elected as Pius XIII in the new Paolo Sorrentino series premiering Sunday on HBO. The show […]

  • 10 Questions Stranger Things Still Needs to Answer

    Ever since Netflix premiered the sci-fi mystery series Stranger Things earlier this month, people couldn’t stop binging on the addictive show. The eight-hour nostalgia-thon was blessedly easy to follow for a series about another dimension, and by the end of it, the tension had certainly lessened. But the finale does purposely leave viewers with a […]

  • Meet the Real Bearded Santas Trying to Keep Christmas Alive All Year

    For dedicated professional Santas, representing the world’s most famous merry man is a year-round gig. “We’re Santa 24 hours a day,” Bob Callahan, 79, president of the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas (FORBS), said in an interview. “If I go to the grocery store, I can’t be offstage. Kids look at me, and they […]

  • Can Brolin Mawejje Break Through the Corruption to Become Africa’s First Winter Olympics Snowboarder?

    View the original article published on Sports Grid Before he takes off, snowboarder Brolin Mawejje breathes in for four seconds and out for six to calm his nerves. He listens to Jay-Z’s The Blueprint on the jump — the beat helps him remember what moves to execute. He’s known for his front seven. Spinning with […]