Ashley Hoffman
Editor, Journalist
  • Michael Showalter on Showing a (Slightly) More Mature Side of Wet Hot American Summer

    In some ways, Michael Showalter never had to leave camp. The longtime fixture of the comedy world has been a creative force behind some of the past year’s most moving comedic projects. Last fall, he produced TBS’ millennial mystery-comedy Search Party, which returns for a second season in November. This summer, he directed the breakout […]

  • Talking to the People Protesting the Travel Ban With Photos of ‘Banned Grandmas’

    Iranian-American opponents of President Trump’s travel ban want you to know that it’s shutting out one loving person: grandma. After the Supreme Court ruled that the travel ban could not be used against anyone from the six Muslim-majority countries who has a “bona fide relationship” with the U.S., the Trump Administration moved quickly to define […]

  • Meet the Woman President Trump Blocked on Twitter

    When President Trump announced his nominee for a new FBI director with a tweet on Wednesday, Holly O’Reilly couldn’t see it. That’s because O’Reilly, 47, who goes by @AynRandPaulRyan on Twitter, was blocked by the President on May 28 after she criticized him. She’s now working with lawyers from the Knight First Amendment Institute at […]

  • Breaking: These Early Adopters Used Robots in Their Wedding Ceremonies, Please Keep Up With the Times

    View the original article published on In the world of the future, science-fiction movies tell us, robots may do just about everything. But you might figure that the business of marrying would be an exception and remain the province of the heart and soul rather than of sensors and circuit boards. But maybe not. […]

  • ‘We Cannot Be Taken for Granted.’ Chef José Andrés on a Day Without Immigrants

    Read original story on here. The nation’s immigration debate might be coming to a corner booth near you. Workers across America are taking the day off on Thursday for “A Day Without Immigrants,” a grassroots protest of President Donald Trump‘s immigration policies. Some restaurants are joining the effort and shutting down for the day […]

  • Nick Kroll and John Mulaney on Why Controversial Jokes Are Worth Doing If They’re Funny

    Read original story on here Nick Kroll and John Mulaney turned their routine as Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland—sublimely absurd New York City bachelors—into the Broadway hit Oh, Hello. But now that the curtain has closed on the longest-running tuna joke in history, the comedians are teaming up again to host the Independent […]

  • Meet the Couple Who Got Married in Virtual Reality

    Weddings are increasingly high-tech affairs, with everything from homemade photo booths to LED lights to drones getting in on the nuptials. But one recent ceremony might go down in wedding history as a real sign of the times. Elisa Evans, 46, and Martin Shervington, 44, got married in a futuristic dance hall underneath a glittery […]

  • A Nature-Inspired Drawing Meditation Event — With a Dance Twist

    See article published on On Saturday night in Prospect Heights, the artist Elaine Su-Hui hosted “In the Seed We Have the Universe,” the first figure drawing event at Inner Fields, a new shoebox-sized art space she designed to give people a place to connect with nature. Most of the 10 who came had no […]

  • Leather, Lace and Boots Mix at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Weddings

    View the original article published on When motorcyclists gather, they come to party, as they do each year for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota. But amid the weeklong revelry, every now and then a wedding breaks out. And when one does, the couples tend to give a biker […]